The Critical Reasoning Test Battery assesses numerical and verbal critical reasoning, which is a combination of comprehension and critical thinking. Test items take the form of scenarios with either verbal or numerical content. For the verbal test, respondents must judge the truth of deductions made from the paragraph contents, and for the numerical tests, they need to answer multiple choice questions based on the scenario and supplied figures. The scenarios are all relevant to the business world, which makes this test particularly suitable for occupational selection. The difficulty level is suitable for graduates and persons with some experience in a managerial role.

CRTB2 reference documents

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Classification certificate432.75 KB

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CRTB2 Factsheet

CRTB2 practice items

CRTB2 Standard report (GeneSys online)

CRTB2 Feedback report (GeneSys online)

CRTB2 Group results summary spreadsheet (GeneSys online) 



Selected South African norm tables for the Critical Reasoning Test Battery

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These norm tables result from our norms renewal program. We recommend that GeneSys users implement these norms as soon as possible, and use them in preference to the older, smaller norm groups.

 pdfSA African updated 2010448.07 KB

pdfSA Coloured updated 2010442.23 KB

pdfSA European updated 2010564.68 KB

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pdfSA General Population updated 2010439.04 KB

pdfSA Indigenous language speakers updated 2010426.73 KB


Norms update file for GeneSys (Windows)

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Unzip this file into a file with a .gsn extension, which can be imported into GeneSys to make the norms available to the reporting system.

SA CRTB2 Norms 2010.zip172.42 KB

Selected South African reliability studies for the Critical Reasoning Test Battery

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These documents contain information about the internal consistency reliability studies done on the Critical Reasoning Test Battery in South Africa. 

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pdfSA African updated 2010426.66 KB

pdfSA Coloured updated 2010420.84 KB

pdfSA Asian updated 2010393.85 KB

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pdfSA Indigenous language speakers updated 2010371.29 KB

pdfSA English speakers updated 2010

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