The Industrial Proficiency tests were developed by Opra Consulting in New Zealand as a selection battery for entry-level workers in industry. This battery is currently being prepared for classification.

The subtests include following instructions, checking (of numbers, letters, symbols and instrument read-outs), calculations and symbolic reasoning.


Clients who wish to cooperate with Psytech South Africa are invited to contact us in view of a collaborative research agreement. We must state clearly that we are at this stage mainly interested in collaborating with organisations who are in a position to cooperate in predictive validity studies, where criterion data can be made available.

Abstract Reasoning Test (ART)


Abstract reasoningThe Abstract Reasoning Test is currently being prepared for classification by the HPCSA.


It is a fairly challenging non-verbal reasoning test, with items of a matrix-completion type format. It is suitable for respondents who have at least a grade 12 level of education. It is intended to complement the Critical Reasoning Test Battery.


We are currently looking for further research opportunities relating to the bias and fairness of this test, as well as predictive validity studies.


Administration time: 30 minutes





Support documents for the ART


Factsheet128.91 KB

Example report 39.68 KB

Technical manual117.5 KB

Norm groups for the ART


pdfN1 ART SA Aggregate Population 2017

pdfN2 ART SA Afrikaans 2017

pdfN3 ART SA English 2017

pdfN4 ART SA Indigenous 2017

pdfN5 ART SA isiZulu 2017

pdfN6 ART SA Sepedi 2017

pdfN7 ART SA Sesotho 2017

pdfN8 ART SA Setswana 2017

Reliabilities for the ART


pdfR1 ART SA Aggregate Population 2017

pdfR2 ART Afrikaans 2017

pdfR3 ART English 2017

pdfR4 ART SA Indigenous Language 2017

pdfR5 ART SA isiZulu 2017

pdfR6 ART SA Sepedi 2017

pdfR7 ART SA Sesotho 2017

pdfR8 ART SA Setswana 2017






The Technical Test Battery is suitable for selection testing of technicians and potential trainees. It includes subtests of Mechanical Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Visual Acuity. Together with the General Reasoning Test Battery, it gives a comprehensive assessment of the abilities relevant to technical training and work.
























Reference documents for the Technical Test Battery


pdfTTB2 Classification certificate
pdfTTB2 Technical manual
pdfTTB2 Factsheet


Reports for the technical test battery

pdfTTB2 Feedback report

pdfTTB2 Standard report

xlsxTTB2 Results Spreadsheet


Reliabilities for the technical test battery


pdfTTB2 reliability SA Aggregate group 2016

pdfTTB2 reliability SA Afrikaans 2016

pdfTTB2 reliability SA English 2016

pdfTTB2 reliability SA Indigenous languages 2016

pdfTTB2 reliability SA isiXhosa 2016

pdfTTB2 reliability SA isiZulu 2016

pdfTTB2 reliability SA Sepedi 2016

pdfTTB2 reliability SA Sesotho 2016

pdfTTB2 reliability SA Setswana 2016



 Norm groups for the Technical Test Battery


pdfTTB2 SA Aggregate group 2016

pdfTTB2 SA Afrikaans 2016

pdfTTB2 SA English 2016

pdfTTB2 SA Indigenous languages 2016

pdfTTB2 SA isiXhosa 2016

pdfTTB2 SA isiZulu 2016

pdfTTB2 SA Sepedi 2016

pdfTTB2 SA Sesotho 2016

pdfTTB2 SA Setswana 2016


bias and fairness studies on the technical test battery

pdfTTB2 Differential item functioning Snr tech officers

pdfTTB2 Differential Item Functioning Construction Company




5706720 s

The clerical test battery comprises a number of subtests relevant to general clerical and administrative work. These include Verbal Reasoning, Numerical ability, Clerical Checking and spelling. Typing and alphabetical ordering are additional on-screen tests that complement these.




Reference documents for the CTB2

Classification certificate.pdf310.67 KB

Technical manual.pdf141.77 KB
CTB2 Factsheet
CTB2 practice items


CTB2 Feedback report (GeneSys online)

CTB2 Standard report (GeneSys online)
CTB2 Group results summary spreadsheet (GeneSys online)


10374763 mNorms

CTB2 SA General Population 2012.pdf439.31 KB 

CTB2 SA African 2012.pdf450.88 KB

CTB2 SA European 2012.pdf434.43 KB

CTB2 SA Asian 2012.pdf423.4 KB

CTB2 SA Coloured 2012.pdf440.22 KB

N20 CTB2 SA English 2012.pdf429.93 KB

CTB2 SA Afrikaans 2012.pdf416.22 KB

CTB2 SA Indigenous 2012.pdf437.37 KB

Download the zipped installable norms for the CTB2 (2012 update)164.42 KB

Recent Clerical Test Battery Reliability studies

iStock 000009180278Small

CTB2 SA General Population.pdf282.84 KB

CTB2 SA African 2012.pdf241.63 KB


The Critical Reasoning Test Battery assesses numerical and verbal critical reasoning, which is a combination of comprehension and critical thinking. Test items take the form of scenarios with either verbal or numerical content. For the verbal test, respondents must judge the truth of deductions made from the paragraph contents, and for the numerical tests, they need to answer multiple choice questions based on the scenario and supplied figures. The scenarios are all relevant to the business world, which makes this test particularly suitable for occupational selection. The difficulty level is suitable for graduates and persons with some experience in a managerial role.

CRTB2 reference documents

9282809 m


Classification certificate432.75 KB

Technical manual824.79 KB

CRTB2 Factsheet

CRTB2 practice items

CRTB2 Standard report (GeneSys online)

CRTB2 Feedback report (GeneSys online)

CRTB2 Group results summary spreadsheet (GeneSys online) 



Selected South African norm tables for the Critical Reasoning Test Battery

10384168 m

These norm tables result from our norms renewal program. We recommend that GeneSys users implement these norms as soon as possible, and use them in preference to the older, smaller norm groups.

 pdfSA African updated 2010448.07 KB

pdfSA Coloured updated 2010442.23 KB

pdfSA European updated 2010564.68 KB

pdfSA Asian updated 2010533.83 KB

pdfSA General Population updated 2010439.04 KB

pdfSA Indigenous language speakers updated 2010426.73 KB


Norms update file for GeneSys (Windows)

13294158 m

Unzip this file into a file with a .gsn extension, which can be imported into GeneSys to make the norms available to the reporting system.

SA CRTB2 Norms 2010.zip172.42 KB

Selected South African reliability studies for the Critical Reasoning Test Battery

10384259 m

These documents contain information about the internal consistency reliability studies done on the Critical Reasoning Test Battery in South Africa. 

pdfSA General Population updated 2010382.97 KB

pdfSA African updated 2010426.66 KB

pdfSA Coloured updated 2010420.84 KB

pdfSA Asian updated 2010393.85 KB

pdfSA European updated 2010419.4 KB

pdfSA Indigenous language speakers updated 2010371.29 KB

pdfSA English speakers updated 2010

pdfSA Afrikaans speakers updated 2010378.39 KB

The Graduate Reasoning Test Battery is intended for selection of persons for specialised positions that are particularly intellectually demanding and demand high level training and education. As with the General Reasoning Test Battery, it assesses Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning, but at a considerably higher level of difficulty.


Reference documents for the Graduate reasoning test battery

4118029 m

pdfClassification certificate

pdfGRT1 Technical manual

pdfGRT1 Factsheet


GRT1 Example Reports

pdfGRT1 Feedback report

pdfGRT1 Standard report

xlsxGRT1 Group results summary spreadsheet

Selected norm tables for the Graduate Reasoning Test Battery

7159225 m

pdfGRT1 Combined Group updated 2010

pdfGRT1 SA African updated 2010

pdfSA Coloured updated 2010

pdfSA European updated 2010

pdfSA Asian updated 2010

pdfGRT1 SA English 2010

pdfGRT1 SA Afrikaans 2010

pdfGRT1 SA Indigenous languages 2010


Installable norm file for GeneSys for Windows

zipZipped installable norms file for the GeneSys for Windows system

Download this file, unzip it and import it into your GeneSys system.


Please note that support for GeneSys for Windows has been discontinued and no further norms updates will be provided for this platform. Clients are advised to convert to GeneSysonline.


What it measures:

iStock 000000306386XSmall

The General Reasoning Test Battery assesses three domains of ability that are relevant to work and study: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning. Of these, Abstract reasoning is the least affected by education and cultural background.

Target population:

This battery is recommended for persons with an educational level of grade 9 and upwards. It can be used for selection, guidance or development.

Logistics considerations:

The tests are brief, and the time taken for administration (not counting instructions) is less than half an hour for the whole battery. Instructions need to be given with care though, and if the test is properly administered with due attention to examples and instructions, it should take between 45 minutes and an hour to administer the whole battery with all three subtests. The tests can be administered using pencil and paper, online or on-screen using an off-line computer via the GeneSys integrated assessment software.

Reference documents for the GRT2

iStock 000010777314XSmall

GRT2 Classification certificate419.2 KB

GRT2 Technical manual3.48 MB

GRT2 Factsheet

GRT2 practice items

GRT2 Example Reports

13410758 m

GRT2 Standard report (GeneSys online)

GRT2 Feedback report (GeneSys online)

GRT2 Group results summary spreadsheet (GeneSys online)


When administering the GRT2 as well as the OIP, the option of generating a career report becomes available. This costs 4 credits.

Career Report (GeneSys online ONLY) 


This report provides career-relevant information and is intended as a guide for the professional to utilise in writing their own integrated report. Additionally, it has summarised the information contained in the standard report of the GRT2 and the extended report of the OIP. The General Mental Ability Profile of the GRT2 is not included in the career report, however the career report does provide a career exploration guide. 


GRT2 SA Reliability research


7159159 m

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA General Population 2010

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA European updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA African updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Asian updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Coloured updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA English updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Afrikaans updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Indigenous updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Aggregate Population 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Afrikaans 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA English 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Indigenous 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA isiXhosa 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA isiZulu 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Sepedi 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Sesotho 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Setswana 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA siSwati 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Tshivenda 2016

pdfGRT2 Reliability SA Xitsonga 2016


The following document contains a summary of the reliabilities for the GRT2 for different subgroups, based on the 2016 update.


pdfGRT2 Reliability Coefficients per Group



GRT2 SA Norm tables

This selection of norms documents reflects our two most recent updates of the norms for the GRT2. It is recommended that users should use the most recent norms unless there is a compelling reason to continue using older norms.

iStock 000016191139XSmall

pdfGRT2 SA General Population 2010

pdfGRT2 SA Coloured updated 2011

pdfGRT2 SA European updated 2011

pdfGRT2 norm table SA African updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Norm table SA Asian updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Norm table SA English updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Norm table SA Indigenous updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Norm table SA Afrikaans updated 2011

pdfGRT2 Norms SA Aggregate group 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA Afrikaans 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA English 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA Indigenous 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA isiXhosa 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA isiZulu 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA Sepedi 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA Sesotho 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA Setswana 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA siSwati 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA Tshivenda 2016

pdfGRT2 Norms SA Xitsonga 2016


Norms update file for GeneSys (Windows)


Please note that official support for GeneSys for Windows has been discontinued and therefore the latest norms updates are not available for this platform. To take advantage of the updated norms, improved reports, and updated research, please convert to GeneSysonline.


Unzip this file to a file with a gsn extension which can be imported into GeneSys for Windows to make these norms available to your reporting system.

SA GRT2 Norms