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Why can't I score the tests with a scoring mask?

Because we make our money selling credits, OK? We do not sell scoring masks. The income earned from selling credits pays for research, development and support on Psytech tests, and for the enhancements and maintenance on the online platform. Selling tests that are scored with a mask is simply not sustainable because of the high prevalence of piracy with pencil and paper test materials. All the Psytech tests are computer-scored. There are self-scorable answer sheets available for the 15FQPLus and the JTI, but those are not based on South African norms. You can score paper answer sheets yourself using the online system. Computer scoring is an international standard in the test publishing industry, across most test publishers, and the main reason is the protection of the integrity of the scoring keys, and the revenue stream on which the supporting research and development depend.

Reverse engineering of the scoring keys for scoring by any other means is a violation of copyright and will be prosecuted. We already did this successfully.