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I want to start using GeneSysOnline. What are the technical considerations?

  • You need to access the Internet from a computer running Windows. Tablets and cellphones are not supported at present.
  • Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed and up to date.
  • You need a fast and stable Internet connection. 
  • Your Internet connection must not be overloaded by too many persons accessing it at the same time. Discuss this with our consultants and your technical support person.
  • Your firewall or corporate security measures must allow your computer to communicate with the GeneSysOnline site for both upload and download. Discuss this with your network manager. Your browser needs to be cleared to access the Internet through the firewall. 
  • Your IP address for the computer on which you are testing needs to be static, NOT dynamic.
  • Recommended browsers include Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer and Edge are not recommended.
  • If you are using mobile data to access the Internet, you need to have a fast and stable connection at the physical position where you are testing. You also need to have sufficient data available because if your device cannot communicate because the date has run out, your testing session will be interrupted or it may "hang".
  • Your computer must be functional. We can't support you if your computer has any hardware related issues, or if it is not stable in normal operation.
  • You need to have a stable electricity supply. For testing purposes, a backup supply system such as an inverter or generator is highly recommended.