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I have arranged for Psytech SA consultants to do a site visit for a technical matter. How do I prepare?


  • Please do not be testing at the time, even on a different computer, or using other publisher's tests. The site visit will be disruptive to any ongoing testing.
  • Have your technical support persons available - the people who manage your computer and network on a day to day basis, and who can resolve security issues that may be interfering with testing.
  • If you are expecting an interruption in your Internet connectivity, let us know because the visit may need to be re-scheduled and you will be charged a call-out fee even if there is no connectivity.
  • The same applies to expected power cuts.
  • Please be available in person.
  • It is highly recommended that you attend training on the online system before engaging with our technical support consultants. If the problems you are experiencing can be ascribed to a need for training on your part, we may insist that you come for training before we attempt to support you any further.