Here you will find answers to questions that people frequently ask us.

I can't find the South African norms in the technical manuals - where are they?

The South African norms can be found in the South African User Guide and Research Reference for each test. This can be purchased from our offices on a CD.

The GeneSys for Windows system also contains the relevant statistical data for the South African norm groups.

Norm tables, the composition of the norm groups and other South African research can be found on this website under the pages for the relevant measures.


Why can't I score the tests with a scoring mask?

Because we make our money selling credits, OK? We do not sell scoring masks. The income earned from selling credits pays for research, development and support on Psytech tests, and for the enhancements and maintenance on the online platform. Selling tests that are scored with a mask is simply not sustainable because of the high prevalence of piracy with pencil and paper test materials. All the Psytech tests are computer-scored. There are self-scorable answer sheets available for the 15FQPLus and the JTI, but those are not based on South African norms. You can score paper answer sheets yourself using the online system. Computer scoring is an international standard in the test publishing industry, across most test publishers, and the main reason is the protection of the integrity of the scoring keys, and the revenue stream on which the supporting research and development depend.

Reverse engineering of the scoring keys for scoring by any other means is a violation of copyright and will be prosecuted. We already did this successfully.


The report set I want is not offered on GeneSysOnline. What must I do?

The report sets tend to offer you more than you might want to use. They have been set up to be in line with popular choices and designed to offer good value. It is technically possible to create a custom report set, but before you request this, speak to our consultants wil will be able to advise you about the report set that offers you the best value and that meets your needs. Avoid requesting the reports individually because that is likely to waste your credits.


I made a mistake and generated a report with the wrong norm group. What must I do?

Regenerate the report after selecting the correct norm group. You will not be charged extra credits for doing this.



I assess outside the borders of South Africa. Can I get access to international norms?


This can be arranged by special request, however, you remain responsible for your choice of norm groups.



I want to start using GeneSysOnline. What are the technical considerations?

  • You need to access the Internet from a computer running Windows. Tablets and cellphones are not supported at present.
  • Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed and up to date.
  • You need a fast and stable Internet connection. 
  • Your Internet connection must not be overloaded by too many persons accessing it at the same time. Discuss this with our consultants and your technical support person.
  • Your firewall or corporate security measures must allow your computer to communicate with the GeneSysOnline site for both upload and download. Discuss this with your network manager. Your browser needs to be cleared to access the Internet through the firewall. 
  • Your IP address for the computer on which you are testing needs to be static, NOT dynamic.
  • Recommended browsers include Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer and Edge are not recommended.
  • If you are using mobile data to access the Internet, you need to have a fast and stable connection at the physical position where you are testing. You also need to have sufficient data available because if your device cannot communicate because the date has run out, your testing session will be interrupted or it may "hang".
  • Your computer must be functional. We can't support you if your computer has any hardware related issues, or if it is not stable in normal operation.
  • You need to have a stable electricity supply. For testing purposes, a backup supply system such as an inverter or generator is highly recommended.



I have arranged for Psytech SA consultants to do a site visit for a technical matter. How do I prepare?


  • Please do not be testing at the time, even on a different computer, or using other publisher's tests. The site visit will be disruptive to any ongoing testing.
  • Have your technical support persons available - the people who manage your computer and network on a day to day basis, and who can resolve security issues that may be interfering with testing.
  • If you are expecting an interruption in your Internet connectivity, let us know because the visit may need to be re-scheduled and you will be charged a call-out fee even if there is no connectivity.
  • The same applies to expected power cuts.
  • Please be available in person.
  • It is highly recommended that you attend training on the online system before engaging with our technical support consultants. If the problems you are experiencing can be ascribed to a need for training on your part, we may insist that you come for training before we attempt to support you any further.