Welcome to Psytech SA

Assessment Technology, Training and Consulting



Welcome to Psytech SA

Assessment Technology, Training and Consulting



Welcome to Psytech SA

Assessment Technology, Training and Consulting



Assessment technology, training and consulting

Psytech South Africa is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Psytech International psychometric products in South Africa. The products we supply locally are supported by extensive international and local research and development. It is very important for us to provide assessment products that are suitable for the South African environment and to guide our users in using them appropriately.

Psychological assessments

We are mindful that psychological assessments are strictly controlled in South Africa, and that there are valid reasons for this. We only supply psychological tests to persons who are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. It is our aim to support psychological assessment practices that are rooted in scientific research, but also delivered with professional skill and empathy. We believe that the human rights of the persons who are being assessed should be protected.


Who we are

Psytech South Africa provides psychometric tests, assessment services and technology, and related consulting. As the premium distribution partner of Psytech International in South Africa, we support the tests with South African research, and train and advise test users. We want to help clients use the tests effectively, legally and professionally. We are always happy to discuss your particular business needs to help you find an appropriate solution to your assessment challenges.

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Assessment services and referrals

We can provide assessment directly to individuals or organisations. The types of service include assessment for selection or promotion, career choice and career guidance, mid-career counselling, pre-retirement counselling, assessment and counselling for persons returning to the world of work after an interruption, or for people who are considering starting a business.

Enquiries for assessment services need to be sent to

Cost of assessment services will be based on the number of persons to assessed and the types of feedback and reporting required. For large projects with considerable instrumentation costs, an activation fee may be required before the project can commence.

Ethics and best practice

Sometimes psychology professionals encounter situations where we are not sure how to proceed ethically. In such a case, our professional code of conduct recommends that we should consult with an experienced colleague to discuss the matter and try to clarify it. Nanette Tredoux has offered such mentoring to psychologists and psychometrists in all stages of their careers, and also to clients and associates of psychologists who have needed guidance. This is a service for which we do not charge unless it becomes unusually burdensome.


We have powerful statistical software at our disposal, and a lot of experience in documenting research results.. Please talk to us about your research design before you undertake data collection for in-house research projects, this can avoid costly and difficult mistakes that sometimes only emerge at a later stage.Research projects are costed on a time plus materials basis, and enquiries are to be sent to

Development related consulting

Psytech can offer development-related consulting in different ways:

Requests for proposals and quotes are to be sent to



Training offerings to meet the needs of South African test users. Most of our courses are CPD accredited.


GeneSys Online training sessions are for users of the GeneSys Online system who need an introduction or a refresher in how the system works. This training is intended to enable users to make use of all sophisticated features of the GeneSys Online and 360 program. Psychologists and support staff in charge of a GeneSys Online account who need to use the system at an advanced level are encouraged to attend.

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