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The new scope of practice has been published for comment


It is critically important that all psychology professionals should read this, familiarise themselves with the contents and send in their feedback to the email address that is mentioned on page 4 of the proposed regulation.


Access it here:


pdfThe proposed new scope of practice for comment


The period for comments expires on the 12th of December 2018.

Note that this document is intended to replace not only the scopes of practice of categories within the profession but also the scope of the profession itself.


In Psytech SA's view, there are many serious problems with this document and we shall be posting our detailed response to the proposed new scope of practice for your information.

Please study the document, think about the implications for your professional practice, debate it with your colleagues and do not fail to submit your response.


Think about what will happen if this becomes law!


We have less than three months to submit comments to the Department of Health.