Data expiration and reports

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Downloading and storing GeneSys reports

The shelf life of the data on the GeneSysonline system is limited

European data protection legislation requires Psytech International to anonymise data collected via the GeneSysonline system after two years. The responses are retained but the identifying information is removed. This means that after the data have expired, you can no longer request reports on respondents that were assessed more than two years ago. The penalties for violating the data protection legislation are severe.

What the respondents agree to

Before respondents are tested on the GeneSys system, they agree to the fact that their data will be anonymised after a period of time has expired. 

What you should do

When you have purchased a report set, download the reports as soon as possible and store them securely, also ensuring that they are backed up to a secure location. Don’t leave the reports on the system because you won’t be able to access them indefinitely.

Psytech International’s service does not include indefinite storage of report text. Looking after your reports is your responsibility. You also need to ensure that the use of the reports after you have downloaded them, is consistent with the consent that you obtained from the respondents, and that the limits of confidentiality are respected.