GeneSys Online Training


GeneSys Online training sessions are for users of the GeneSys Online system who need an introduction or a refresher in how the system works. This training is intended to enable users to make use of all sophisticated features of the GeneSys Online and 360 program. Psychologists and support staff in charge of a GeneSys Online account who need to use the system at an advanced level are encouraged to attend.



·         Familiarity with the basic operation of the GeneSysonline system, supported devices and testing the speed of your Internet connection to ensure that it can run GeneSysonline successfully.

·         Familiarity with setting up respondents, administering supervised and unsupervised assessments, capturing paper and pencil responses.

·         Knowing how to select the best GeneSysonline assessment method based on the number of respondents that are being tested, the availability of devices and Internet connectivity.

·         Being able to select appropriate norms, understand the credit cost for reporting, and generate individual and group reports.

·         Being able to recover an assessment session after an interruption and understanding the GeneSysonline back-up and recovery functions.

·         Understanding how to create universal links for assessing multiple respondents on personality assessments and using the managed group assessment method for both ability and personality assessments.

·         Being proficient in creating custom test batteries

·         Understanding the different customisation options on the GeneSysonline system such as creating Ideal profiles and adding custom invitation emails

·         Understanding the technical, legal and ethical aspects of Internet-based testing

·         Understanding the principles and processes involved with setting up and implementing 360 appraisals using GeneSysonline.


·         Understanding how to set up a custom 360 survey on GeneSysonline.

Delegates need to bring a laptop to the training for practical work.

Duration: 1/2 day