GeneSys Online



The GeneSys Online platform has been completely re-developed, now offering much more flexibility to users in the way that they can manage their data. 

New features on the online system:

  • Online users can now create their own norms on data they have collected.
  • Online users can now have sub-accounts on the system for their test administrators.
  • The online system now includes ideal profiles for the 15FQ+, OPPro and PVQ personality questionnaires and the ability to match people whom you have assessed with the ideal profile for a job.
  • The 360 degree appraisal system on the new GeneSys Online is now more flexible and easier to use.
  • It is now easier to find and organise data on the respondents whom you have tested.
  • New online reports have been developed for most of the tests and are a remarkable improvement over the previous versions.
  • It is now cheaper to use the GeneSys Online system. Access to reports is purchased in bundles, making it possible to print additional reports at no extra cost.

GeneSys Online offers users access to all the  tests that are available on GeneSys for Windows, plus some additional ones. The reports also differ, with some new reports being available only on the online system. This is a “pay as you go” system. You only pay for the credits that you use. There is no charge for setting up an online account for you, and you can have access within minutes. This system is highly suitable for professionals setting up a new practice. If you like to use measures from different publishers, the low cost and accessibility of GeneSys Online makes it simple and cost-effective to add the full spectrum of Psytech measures to your toolkit.

Test included

  • General Reasoning Test Battery
  • Graduate Reasoning Test Battery
  • Adaptive General Reasoning Test Battery (Adapt-G)
  • Critical Reasoning Test Battery
  • Critical Reasoning Test Battery (Item-banked)
  • Abstract Reasoning Test
  • Clerical Test Battery
  • Technical Test Battery
  • Occupational Interest Profile
  • Occupational Interest Profile Plus SA1
  • Values and Motives Inventory
  • 360 degree appraisal system
  • Sales Preference Inventory
  • Jung Type Indicator
  • Fifteen Factor Questionnaire Plus
  • Occupational Personality Profile
  • Personality and Values Questionnaire

Who should use the new GeneSys Online?

  • We believe the new GeneSysonline system offers so many advantages that we are encouraging all our users to move over to it.
  • Support for GeneSys for Windows has already ceased.


Requirements for running a GeneSys Online system