HPCSA disciplinary process


Documents relevant to the HPCSA disciplinary process

These documents are uploaded here as resources for practitioners who may find themselves in a position where they need to prepare for a preliminary or disciplinary hearing under the Health Professions Act. These are provided for ease of access. Please note that the details may change from time to time.

Disciplinary powers of the HPCSA

Chapter four of the Health Professions Act contains important information about the disciplinary powers of Council and the disciplinary procedure.

pdfChapter 4 of the Health Professions Act.pdf

Conduct of enquiries under the Health Professions Act

This document contains information about how the enquiries are conducted,

pdfConduct of enquiries under the Health Professions Act.pdf

Guidelines for professional conduct enquiries

This document provides guidelines to the chairpersons and members of professional conduct enquiry committees, but for practititioners it gives an indication of what to expect at such an enquiry.

pdfGuidelines for professional conduct enquiries.pdf

Fines for unprofessional conduct

This document stipulates the fines that may be imposed for unprofessional conduct.

Note that the possible penalties are not limited to fines.

The fines give an indication of which offences are considered to be most serious.

pdfFines for unprofessional conduct.pdf