Occupational Interest Profile (OIP)

The Occupational Interest Profile measures seven fields of interest and five work needs. It can then produce a comprehensive report making recommendations of suitable careers for the respondent. If the OIP is administered in conjunction with the General Reasoning Test Battery, the report engine can also take ability into account when generating an integrated report on suitable careers.



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OIP Factsheet

Norm group: SA Bank applicants all races

Norm group: SA English speakers grade 9

Norm group: SA General population

Norm group: OIP Vocational guidance clients

Norm group: Industrial Psychology students

Norm group: Call Centre Applicants

Norm group: SA Vocational Guidance Clients

Norm group: SA English Grade 7

Reliability SA Bank applicants all races

Reliability SA English grade 9

Reliability SA Vocational Guidance clients

Reliability SA Industrial Psychology students

Reliability SA English Grade 7

Validity Correlations with JTI

Validity OIP work needs with OPP

Validity OIP with VMI

Validity OIP with 15FQPlus



OIP Extended Report (GeneSys Online)


When administering the GRT2 as well as the OIP, the option of generating a career report becomes available. This costs 4 credits. 

Career Report (GeneSys online ONLY)


This report provides career-relevant information and is intended as a guide for the professional to utilise in writing their own integrated report. Additionally, it has summarised the information contained in the standard report of the GRT2 and the extended report of the OIP. The General Mental Ability Profile of the GRT2 is not included in the career report, however the career report does provide a career exploration guide.