Psytech GeneSys 360 Online

This 360 appraisal system, available through the Psytech online system, makes it easy and convenient to administer your 360 degree appraisal project. The system is completely customisable to your own competencies, or you can use Psytech 's competency model and select the behavioural rating items you would like to use. Each project requires responses from the person being rated, and at lest one other rater. The system allows you to invite participants by email to complete the online appraisal. Once the appraisals have been completed, the system collates the data and generates a detailed report. These user friendly reports, compare responses from all raters, and are generated in an instant. These reports can be made anonymous so that raters cannot be identified. A cost effective way of implementing 360 appraisal in-house, a single credit is used PER rater.


If users need assistance in setting up a customised 360 degree project, we can offer this service at a consulting fee. Contact us to discuss and obtain a quote.


The Psytech Competency Model:

Integrity: integrity, dependability, realistic self-assessment, risk avoidance, responsibility
Interpersonal Skills: relationships, empathic, interpersonal support, diplomacy, appropriate assertion
Planning and Organising: time management, future-oriented, prioritisation, delegation, planning
Creativity: innovation, adaptability, holistic thinking, strategic, ideas generation
Resilience: emotionality, composure, tension, suspisciousness, impulsivity
Quality Orientation: detail consciousness, task-focus, task finishing, systematic, high standards
Logical and Analytical: rationality, numerical skills, critical appraisal, decision making, analytical
Persuasiveness: communication skills, written skills, coaching, social presence, listening skills
Energy and Drive: energy, self-motivation, results orientated, motivating, initiative

Example reports for the Psytech 360 degree appraisal system

These reports are based on the Psytech "Fine Nine" competency model.


 Use of the 360 degree system for validation studies


The 360 degree system is particularly suited to in-house validation studies. The ratings obtained by the system can be used as a criterion in concurrent or predictive validation studies, and also for determining predictive bias. This is particularly important with regard to the requirements of the Employment Equity Act regarding test use. If Psytech tests are used in such a validation or bias study, we are prepared to set up and run the 360 degree project for you at no cost to the test user, and also to do the statistical analysis.