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Selected South African norm tables for the Critical Reasoning Test Battery

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These norm tables result from our norms renewal program. We recommend that GeneSys users implement these norms as soon as possible, and use them in preference to the older, smaller norm groups.

 pdfSA African updated 2010

pdfSA Coloured updated 2010

pdfSA European updated 2010

pdfSA Asian updated 2010

pdfSA General Population updated 2010

pdfSA Indigenous language speakers updated 2010

pdfSA Aggregate Population 2016

pdfSA Afrikaans 2016

pdfSA English 2016

pdfSA isiXhosa 2016

pdfSA isiZulu 2016

pdfSA Setswana 2016

pdfSA Sesotho 2016

pdfSA Indigenous 2016