Nanette Tredoux


images/NT.jpgDirector of Psytech South Africa and also of Psytech Cape, Nanette is a psychologist registered in the categories of Research, Industrial and Counselling. She became a director of Psytech SA when the company was founded in October 1998. Prior to this, Nanette worked for SHL South Africa for a period of about two years. Most of her career was spent at the National Institute for Personnel Research which was first part of the CSIR, and later taken over by the Human Sciences Research Council. She worked in test development, particularly computerised testing, and also spent nine years in the assessment and counselling division. Nanette has been a member of the Professional Board for Psychology since 2003, serving mainly on the examinations committee and psychometrics committee. She has made many presentations at conferences, and guest lectures at various universities on the subjects of psychometrics and ethics.

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