Psytech Personality Tests Training

13526097 s

Instruments covered: 

  • The 15 Factor Questionnaire Plus
  •  The Occupational Personality Profile
  • The Jung Type Indicator



  • Understand the constructs measured by each of the Psytech personality questionnaires.
  • Understand the different approaches each of these questionnaires takes to the measurement of personality.
  • Know the groups for which the tests are suited.
  •  Understand the considerations regarding cross-cultural use of personality questionnaires.
  •  Understand the considerations regarding language proficiency in the use of personality questionnaires.
  • Have an understanding of the reliability and validity of the scales and how these are derived.
  • Have an understanding of the range of norm groups available for the 15FQ Plus and the OPP.
  •   Know how to use the reference materials available for each test.
  • Know how to use and interpret primary scales, second-order factors and derived scores.
  • Know how to use computer-generated reports responsibly and professionally.
  • Understand the importance of the validation interview and feedback.
  • Know the typical behaviour that can be expected from low scorers and high scorers on each scale.
  • Be able to link the concepts measured by the questionnaires to competencies on a basic level.


Duration: 1 and 1/2 days

Cost: R4195 (excl VAT)

CPD points: Level 2, 12 general CEUs

If you would like to join us, CLICK HERE to download the training catalogue and enrolment form.