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The people at Psytech SA

Our professional consultants include a psychologist, and three psychometrists (one of whom is also registered as a counsellor). If you need professional advice about the range of assessments we offer and which measures may be suitable for your intended project, any one of them can assist you. One of the psychometrists, Crystal Clack, is our research co-ortinator and your first port of call with regard to research questions.


Our support consultants are not registered professionals but they are very knowledgeable about the product range, and can assist you with basic enquiries and matters relating to the placing and progressing of your product orders,


Our accounts and administration manager, Annette Edwards, is the person you should contact if you have any problems with invoices or statements. or if you need to escalate an administrative matter to managerial level.


The CEO, Nanette Tredoux, is also the person to speak to about development projects, professional ethics, or any other matters of general professional importance.