Your rights when you are tested - Feedback

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In terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, you have a right to feedback about the tests that you have completed. Feedback on psychological tests is, however, a professional activity and somebody needs to pay the professional for his or her time. Sometimes companies require that job applicants pay for their own feedback. The feedback that is given to a prospective employer about an applicant's test results is usually done in the context of specific job requirements. When a psychometrist gives feedback to an individual about their own test performance, the feedback is usually done in a way that will benefit the individual, pointing out strengths and areas that can still be developed.

Feedback should also be done with care, and phrased in terms that the person receiving the feedback can understand. Psychometric test results should not be given in terms of raw scores or numbers without adequate explanation. It is important that the feedback should be understood and not misunderstood. This is the responsibility of the psychology professional.