Using psychological tests - Scoring of tests

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 The scoring of tests

Regulation R717 annexure 12 allows for a psychologist to delegate work to an employee (item 8), and this would be the case when an administrative worker scores a test that can be scored in a mechanical, computerised or purely administrative way. The psychology professional is responsible for ensuring that objectivity is not compromised by multiple relationships, and for ensuring that only those responsibilities that such a person can be expected to perform competently on the basis of his or her education, training and experience are delegated. The psychology professional also has to ensure that this person performs these services competently.


Regulation R717 also allows for automated scoring and interpretation systems (items 52, 53 and others). The responsibility for the use of these systems clearly rests with the psychology practitioner.

Thus, while delegation of certain actions that do not in themselves require psychological expertise are allowed, professional responsibility can not be delegated to an unregistered person.  The regulations also appear to require an active concern with quality control and direct supervision. The professional may not assume or trust that delegated activities are competently done, he or she has to ensure it.