Using psychological tests - Unregistered persons

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Unregistered persons who use tests

Human resources practitioners and life coaches could also be registered psychology professionals and as such, they would be allowed to use psychological tests. It is their responsibility to remain within the scope of practice of their registered professional category. If they are not registered with the HPCSA as psychology professionals, HR practitioners and life coaches have no special status with regard to the use of psychological tests. They may only use them if they are registered as psychometrists or psychologists.


Some tests are not psychological - for instance, tests of knowledge or skill do not constitute psychological assessments. They may be used by unregistered persons.

However, if a test measures one of the constructs listed in the scope of practice of the profession (see above),  it is a criminal offense for an unregistered person to use it. If they also presented themselves as being a registered psychology professional while being unregistered, the offense is even more serious and carries a heavier penalty. Unfortunately the HPCSA does not have any jurisdiction over unregistered persons - it is a matter for the police.