Ethics and best practice

Sometimes we encounter situations where we are not sure how to proceed ethically. In such a case, our professional code of conduct recommends that we should consult with an experienced colleague to discuss the matter and try to clarify it. Nanette Tredoux has offered such mentoring to psychologists and psychometrists in all stages of their careers, and also to clients and associates of psychologists who have needed guidance. This is a service for which we do not charge unless it becomes unusually burdensome.

Advice to new practitioners

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If you are a newly qualified practitioner, you have recently been examined on the laws, regulations, policies and code of conduct for your profession. When you start to set up a practice, you may become confused because of conflicting information people give you. This is especially true in the field of assessment.  Sometimes it is very difficult to know what is the right thing to do.

We are very happy to give advice to new practitioners on any aspect of setting up a practice, but especially in the area of assessment. If we can't help you ourselves. we shall refer to you another experienced person in our network.