Who may test me?


Who may test me?

This depends on what the test measures. Some tests are controlled by law, and may only be used by people who are specifically qualified and registered to use them.

Regulation  R993 of the Health Professions Act reserves certain activities for registered psychology professionals. Psychological assessment is a big part of the activities that are reserved for the profession of psychology. This is done to protect the public, because psychological assessment requires special training and care to prevent harm and protect the rights of the persons being tested.

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It is an offense for an unregistered person to perform an action that is reserved for a health profession such as Psychology. If found guilty, a penalty of a year’s imprisonment and/or a fine may be imposed.

It is even worse for an unregistered person to pretend to be a registered psychology professional – in that case the penalty can be up to five years in prison and/or a fine (Health Professions Act, Chapter 3).

The list of areas that may only be tested by registered psychology professionals is very comprehensive. This article will highlight some of the most important, so that you may know your rights.