Personality and Values Questionnaire (PVQ)


The Personality and Values Questionnaire builds on the theory and research underlying the Fifteen Factor Questionnaire Plus and also addresses an individual’s core values.

New in South Africa, it has shown robust psychometric properties and is an efficient instrument, enabling reliable measurement with a relatively small number of items.

Because it measures so many dimensions, it is extremely versatile, and yields a range of reports to address the most important questions and applications, when one is assessing for selection or for development purposes.

Even the results spreadsheets give useful information about competencies and derived scores. The PVQ also offers the ability to match a respondent to an ideal profile.

South African research on the PVQ is proceeding, but initial research on a substantial sample of respondents from Southern Africa has shown acceptable reliabilities and a norm of over 560 persons has been added to the GeneSysonline platform.

Using the PVQ while evidence is being collected

  • Use the PVQ where it will add value, not simply because it is new.
  • Use it in the context of a full assessment battery, and don’t rely on a new test as the only source of information for personality until you are fully familiar with it.
  • Be sure to include a verification interview in the assessment process. You can use the Question Prompts report or any of the development reports as sources of questions for your verification interview.


The PVQ will be submitted to Assessment Standards South Africa for certification.

It has been submitted to the Psychometrics Committee for classification and has been found to be psychological in nature.

Documents available for the Personality and Values Questionnaire



PVQ technical manual

Southern African Research results

PVQ Southern African Norm Group and Reliability Information 2022

Example Reports

PVQ – Standard Sample Report

PVQ – Extended Sample Report

PVQ – Jung Personality Types Sample Report

PVQ – Derived Sample Report

PVQ – Profile Sample Report

PVQ – Feedback Sample Report

PVQ – Question Prompts Sample Report

PVQ – Emotional Intelligence Sample Report

PVQ – Grit Sample Report

PVQ – Derailers Sample Report

PVQ – Competency Selection Sample Report

PVQ – Competency Development Sample Report

PVQ – Sales Selection Assessment Sample Report

PVQ – Sales Development Sample Report

PVQ – Ideal Profile Report

PVQ – Results Spreadsheet

PVQ – Sales Results Spreadsheet

PVQ – EI Results Spreadsheet

PVQ – Derailers Results Spreadsheet

PVQ – Competency Selection Results Spreadsheet