Critical Reasoning Test Battery – Item Banked (CRTBi)


Critical Reasoning is an ability that is central to all roles that require the incumbent to take logical decisions based on complex information. CRTBi is an item banked assessment that has been designed to assess critical reasoning ability and is available for unsupervised administration via Psytech GeneSys. CRTBi comprises two sub-tests which measure verbal and numerical critical reasoning. These can be administered either individually or together.

The CRTBi is similar in difficulty level to the CRTB2 battery, however the CRTBi is intended to be administered unsupervised (i.e., controlled mode). Unsupervised administration of classical psychometric tests (not item-banked) increases the risk of practice effects and respondents helping one another to obtain higher scores. The CRTBi is widely used by Psytech International’s partners and users internationally. The psychometric properties have been determined to be robust within South Africa, and are available on our website and in the South African User guide for the CRTBi. There are South African norms available for the CRTBi

Research opportunity

Clients who wish to cooperate with Psytech South Africa are invited to contact us in view of a collaborative research agreement. We must state clearly that we are at this stage mainly interested in collaborating with organisations that are in a position to cooperate in predictive validity studies, where criterion data can be made available.

What the CRTBi Measures

Verbal Critical Reasoning

This subtest measures the ability to understand and accurately draw logical conclusions and inferences from complex reports. Consequently, it forms a key assessment for managerial and professional roles which require accurate interpretation of written reports and rational decision-making.

Numerical Critical Reasoning

This subtest measures the ability to understand and critically evaluate a wide range of numerical data and draw logical conclusions from this. Consequently, it forms a key assessment for managerial and professional roles which require the ability to understand financial, numerical and statistical information.

Who can the CRTBi identify

  • The CRTBi can identify people who:
  • Weigh up evidence logically
  • Take ill informed decisions
  • Identify trends in data
  • Fail to grasp numerical concepts
  • Isolate the key points in an argument
  • Overlook core information
  • Understand complex arguments
  • Struggle to grasp complex arguments
  • Assimilate all the evidence
  • Fail to appreciate all the evidence
  • Quickly comprehend statistical and financial information
  • Are confused by statistical and financial data
  • Process information quickly
  • Are slow to process information
  • Make well-informed business decisions
  • Have poor business judgement
  • Solve problems effectively
  • Are unable to find solutions to problems

Intended use of the CRTBi battery

Business managers and graduate-level staff for selection and recruitment, identification for promotion and training.


Online – supervised and unsupervised assessment


45 minutes excluding administration time

Scoring and reporting



2 credits for all available reports

South African User Guide

CRTBi South African User Guide

Example reports for the CRTBi

CRTBi Standard Sample Report

CRTBi Feedback Sample Report

Critical Reasoning Results Sample Spreadsheet